U.S. Representative (R) 2nd Congressional District


“As a retired Navy Combat Aircrewman, corporate businessman and involved citizen, I am running for congress to bring the people’s perspective back to DC. I will work for the People of the 2nd Congressional District, not for lobbyists or PACS.”


- Tim Hazelo

2nd Congressional District serves parts of Skagit, Snohomish, Whatcom and all of Island and San Juan Counties

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I want to thank everyone who helped in the campaign from the county parties in Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan, and Snohomish to the people who volunteered and donated. There is no way to mention them all but here are a few key players that I could not have done this without.

First, my wife Maria along with Carolyn, Bryan and Crystal, Ted, Jimbo, Joyce, Kate, Nina, Jeff, Maria and Lee,  Peter, Anita, Korbin, and his family, Tammy and the list goes on and on. We had a great team. I can honestly say I made so many new friends and met thousands of great people.

This is not a concession of anything more than this particular election. I as I know you, will continue to fight for the nation, for our moral and constitutional beliefs. We truly are a great nation and it will take all of us to stay vigilant and willing to oppose the leftists continuing destruction of our cities and nation.

My biggest concern is for WA State. I feel that the people are going to have to suffer to the point of breaking before they finally figure out that government control of everything is not the best way. Prepare yourself for higher taxes, lower employment tons more regulations, and a huge increase in homelessness, hunger, drug abuse, and crime in our cities.

All the news is not bad though we need to remember as conservatives we had a very good election night as a nation. We kept the Senate, gained in the house, and kept majority control in most states. We had more different people realize that we are the party of inclusion and vote conservative than ever before. This is a trend that I believe will continue and grow. I believe we will keep Trump when the battle is finally over, but even if we don’t we did extremely well.

If you have signs and other campaign materials let me know and I can make arrangements to pick them up. I am not committing to anything but we may need them again!

Once again I thank you all.

Timothy S Hazelo


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WA 2nd Congressional District candidate says incumbent Rick Larsen is ‘absent’ 

Jason Rantz   July 30, 2020

Washington’s 2nd Congressional District election is a busy race with eight candidates, including Democrat incumbent Rick Larsen, and Tim Hazelo, a 20-year veteran and first-time candidate. The district includes Everett, Marysville, Bellingham, and all of Island County. Hazelo joined the Jason Rantz Show to discuss what motivated him to run.

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