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The cost of living here in Island County has increased exponentially in the last 10 years, the cost of food, energy, and other basics continues to put a strain on our community. Our roadside and community farms are under attack. The cost of housing has become so cumbersome many of the people who have spent their whole lives here (like my children) can no longer afford to live here.


I will work with local communities like Oak Harbor, Coupeville, Langley, Clinton, and Camano to find ways to increase the available housing and work to make it affordable to live here again.  


I will work with the local farms and businesses to reduce onerous permitting and regulation that stifles their ability to help our community be affordable, safe, clean, and responsible. Our Camano residents have been dealing with bottleneck traffic issues for far too long!


I will help mediate between Island County, Stanwood and WASDOT to come up with realistic solutions for our high traffic areas and make our roadways a priority.


I understand that Island County is also home to one of the most community-minded Naval Air bases in America.  There are unique issues and advantages that this presents in our County. Since I have been working either in or with the Navy my entire life, I understand the special circumstances we face with our large military presence.


I will work with NAS Whidbey Island and the Navy to foster a better more sustainable and safe rural economy and community here in Island County.    

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