As an American who wants the best for his Family, Country and District, I am concerned about the direction of our nation.
Being a history buff for years, a member of our military and an involved citizen, my love for our country is the driving force to protect our freedoms, Rights and country, as our forefathers envisioned for all Americans.

Family & Community

I was brought up in a single-parent household in a small town in Dewitt Michigan. With both grandparents who served in WWII, an uncle in Vietnam and my mother being an officer in our local fire department and a locally elected county official, patriotism and respect were instilled in our family at a young age.


As a sophomore in high school, I was a member of the Sea Cadets and in July of 1987, I joined the United States Navy where I served this country for 20 years. My career took me around the world and I served in multiple theaters from the first Gulf War to modern-day Afghanistan to counter-narcotics operations in South and Central America.


My wife and I met in high school and together we have 3 sons and 3 grandsons. 25 years ago the navy brought us to Whidbey island and we fell in love with the area. We have a small farm in Island County where we raise farm animals from cows to chickens. We enjoy gardening, boating, fishing, hiking and exploring the great Pacific Northwest.


We have all seen the chaos in Washington DC. Being tired of the constant obstruction, the agenda of stalling, witch-hunts and power agendas coming from Capital Hill, I will to go to DC to actually get work done for the American PEOPLE! Too much time has been wasted in a do-nothing House. 

As citizens of the greatest country on earth, my utmost goal is to uphold the Constitution that our brave forefathers fought and founded America on. No other country has such a document and our Bill of Rights is the envy of all other nations. Having traveled extensively, I have seen this first hand. I don't just say I will fight for my country, as a navy veteran, I volunteered to do so. I will continue that fight in Washington DC. Our nation's policies must follow the Constitution, reflect smaller government and the freedoms we hold dear.

Education and Training

Education: Skagit Valley College, Institute of Technology Associates Degree. Skagit Valley College, Computer Information Systems, to facilitate the acquisition of COMP TIA A+ and Security + certifications, Embry Riddle and Central TX College Courses of interest in aeronautics and computers.


Professional Training: Certified Comp TIA A+, Certified FCC ARRL Technician, Certified PC PRO, Certified ABYC electrician both AC and DC, Qualified NMEA electronics installer, EPA Certified HVAC type 1, Certified Gasoline Engine Tech, Certified Diesel Engine Tech, Certified Marine Systems Tech, Certified Marine Master Technician, 74 Meter Aerostat (PTDS/UAV) School, Fiber Optics, Ground Control Systems/computer diagnostics repair and maintenance, Kestrel/WAS operations and product development. Courses in Public Speaking, Course Development, Expert training, and train the trainer, Goal setting, Business leadership, Time management, and other corporate/business leadership courses


US Navy: Aviation organizational maintenance, Air Craft All Systems Expert, Air Crew, Naval Aviation Physiology, Aviation Water Survival, Survival training pressurized parachute equipped aircraft, SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist and Escape), Small and Practical Weapons, Use of Deadly Force, Flight Engineer, P-3 All Systems expert, C-9 Transportation Safety Specialist, C-9 C-20 C-40A LoadMaster, Military code of conduct, etc.

Other Skills and Training:

  • Cross-Functional Leadership and Team Building

  • Administrative and General Management  

  • Regulatory Compliance and Standards

  • Employee Relations and Management

  • Continuous Process Improvements


Dec 2015-Present: Valliant Integrated Services (DRG, Cubic Global Defense)

Simulator  Computer Operator E/A-18G Simulators - Perform required readiness checks on flight simulation equipment, initial start-up and operational checks of the E/A18G training devices and ITL simulators including computers, physical simulator controls (cockpits), visuals, communications, setting initial conditions and parameters    ​

Jan 2013-May 2015: Logos Technologies NAVAIR 4.5X SOCOM

Theatre Manager/Site Lead/Systems Technician - Performed duties as the Theatre Operations manager for the Kestrel wide area surveillance program ensuring the smooth integration and operation of the Kestrel system within commands throughout theatre. In charge of a team of technicians/operators/analysts in Afghanistan.

2012-2013: Lockheed Martin

SR Field Engineer technician/ Senior Sensor Operator - Expertly managed and operated 74 meter Persistent Threat Detection Systems (PTDS), including all crew and flight operations.

2010-2012: Boeing Air Craft Company/Intrepid Learning Solutions

Aircraft Test Technician/Instructor - Performed functional tests on all aircraft systems from, avionics to hydraulics on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

1987-2007: United States Navy

Crew Chief, Flight Engineer, Operator - Performed duties as an Aviator, Crew Chief, Flight Engineer and Operator as an all systems expert.

Areas of Operation: North/South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.

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