I am running for congress to bring the people’s perspective back to DC.

Americans deserve accountability and a leaner government that prioritizes upholding the Constitution and serving its citizens.


- Tim Hazelo


Economy, Debt & Budgeting

The more government gets out of the way, the better our economy gets. A strong private sector economy is the greatest way to keep America strong and independent. As Reagan once said, "Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem."  

As witnessed in the last few years, reducing overbearing regulation has created a better economy. With that said this shutdown has cost us dearly, I will work to help the constituents of the 2nd CD recieve the economic help they need to bounce back from this economic downturn, as quickly as possible.


As the economy gets better our tax base naturally rises. I will work to find more efficient ways to run a leaner government. Pork packed bills must end! With recent excessive additions to our deficit, working to reduce this deficit, cutting out pet projects and waste and restoring balance to our budget will be my top priority. 

America must no longer depend on importing our essentials from other countries. This recent pandemic has made us vulnerable to communist China for medicine, supply chains and goods. Bringing back manufacturing to our country creates more independence, more jobs, tax revenue and saftey for all our residents.

Healthcare & Drug Costs

Who among us feels Congress is living by different rules than citizens are? Well, that is what is happening with health care. While they have the finest care, that we pay for, they push a different standard of care on the rest of us. America has the best health care in the world! We should all be able to afford it by reducing unnecessary regulations and working to prevent frivolous litigation. 


Limiting choices to 2 or 3 companies does not make for much competition. Opening health insurance across state lines will free up the capitalist marketplace for competitive rates. Competition brings more accountability, better service, and lower prices. Private insurance brings choice and Americans deserve the ability to choose what is best for them or their business.


Allow drug companies to shop at the lowest production costs on non-emergency drugs. Reduce regulations to free up the marketplace and create lower prices. Critical drug production should stay in the United States and we should never be forced to depend on foreign pharmaceuticals. 

Immigration & Reform


Legal immigrants have always added to what makes America great. Most of us are descendants of or first-generation immigrants. Our country was built from founding settlers and immigrates who assimilated as citizens in a new country, drawn by its greatness, its freedoms, and its Constitution. Protecting that tradition of welcoming legal immigration is vital to our country's well-being. The fact that we take in a million new legal immigrants a year shows this. 


However, our immigration system is broken. Rushing borders, overstaying visas, chain migration, and anchor births are unfair to those waiting to come in through proper legal channels. This overwhelms resources such as schools, hospitals, law enforcement, housing, security, and us the taxpayers.  No other country allows this kind of breach of sovereignty. America has the right and responsibility to enforce the laws that work. I will work to reform the laws that need adjusting. I will advocate for legal immigration and work permits utilizing a merit-based system ensuring we have self-sustaining individuals that will not be dependent on our tax dollars to live here.

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