I am running for congress to bring the people’s perspective back to DC.

Americans deserve accountability and a leaner government that prioritizes upholding the Constitution and serving its citizens.


- Tim Hazelo


Economy, Debt & Budgeting

The more government gets out of the way, the better our economy gets. A strong private sector economy is the greatest way to keep America strong and independent. As Reagan once said, "Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem."  

As witnessed in the last few years, reducing overbearing regulation has created a better economy. With that said this shutdown has cost us dearly, I will work to help the constituents of the 2nd CD recieve the economic help they need to bounce back from this economic downturn, as quickly as possible.


As the economy gets better our tax base naturally rises. I will work to find more efficient ways to run a leaner government. Pork packed bills must end! With recent excessive additions to our deficit, working to reduce this deficit, cutting out pet projects and waste and restoring balance to our budget will be my top priority. 

America must no longer depend on importing our essentials from other countries. This recent pandemic has made us vulnerable to communist China for medicine, supply chains and goods. Bringing back manufacturing to our country creates more independence, more jobs, tax revenue and saftey for all our residents.

Healthcare & Drug Costs


Who among us feels Congress is living by different rules than citizens are? Well, that is what is happening with health care. While they have the finest care, that we pay for, they push a different standard of care on the rest of us. America has the best health care in the world! We should all be able to afford it by reducing unnecessary regulations and working to prevent frivolous litigation. 


Limiting choices to 2 or 3 companies does not make for much competition. Opening health insurance across state lines will free up the capitalist marketplace for competitive rates. Competition brings more accountability, better service, and lower prices. Private insurance brings choice and Americans deserve the ability to choose what is best for them or their business.


Allow drug companies to shop at the lowest production costs on non-emergency drugs. Reduce regulations to free up the marketplace and create lower prices. Critical drug production should stay in the United States and we should never be forced to depend on foreign pharmaceuticals. 

Law & Order


Our nation was founded on principles of freedom and the pursuit of happiness among other paramount issues. To achieve these things, society must have law and order. We have recently seen the descent of law and order in the riots, looting, burning, assault and destruction across the country including our own state of WA.

Part of Seattle was taken over by a group of anarchists, BLM and Antifa, renaming a section in the Capital Hill area, calling it CHAZ or CHOP. The police were told to abandon their precinct and not to enter this zone. Rapes, theft, assault and 2 murders took place during this siege, and the Democrat leadership that has run Seattle for decades approved as their Mayor called it “The Summer of Love”. Governor Jay Inslee said he had not even heard about it, when asked his opinion of what was taking place in our state’s largest city. Now the city council voted to defund the police, cutting 100 officers and all but forced Carmen Best, the Seattle Police Chief to resign. We have seen nightly rioting in the streets in Seattle (and even more so in Portland). Rioters are going into residential neighborhoods waking people in the middle of the night and calling on some to turn their homes over to the rioters.

Is this the world you want to live in? The commonality of these cities is they are all run by Democrat leadership, and have been for years. Have you heard any of them make a call to stop the riots and destruction? No. They call these “peaceful protests”. Has Rick Larsen called for an end to this destruction, has he called for law and order? No.

Silence from Democrats on the dismantling of society through chaos and destruction is deafening.

As King County now wants to do away with jails, release criminals and allow crime to occur without consequences, we see more and more violent, and property crime occurring. This is not the answer.

The right to live with your freedoms and in happiness will soon be gone if we allow lawlessness to take over.  As your Representative, I will support our police, law and order. If there are bad police, weed them out. Do not paint the good ones with the bad. If retraining is assessed as a need, implement more funding for that. Criminals in our society need to have repercussions. Jails and incarceration need to remain an option for dangerous criminals to protect society and uphold law and order.

Think about what America you, your children and grandchildren want to live in. We are at a pivotal point in America. The current far left Democrats are nothing like the Democrats of just 20 years ago. They have become the party of mobs, riots, violence and lawlessness. They do not condemn what is happening in Seattle.

It’s time to choose if you want mobs and chaos for the foreseeable future or law and order.

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